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Making Music Practice More Meaningful


The Mission 

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a craft. However, repeating a task for 10,000 hours alone - is not deliberate practice, and will not make you an expert. It is all about how you use these hours.

The mission of coda became to improve the way musicians learn by reducing inefficiencies in practice, through tailored feedback enabled by accurate data analysis

The Problem

Every year 6.7 million children in the UK enjoy being part of a large community of musicians. However, by the age of 18 it is common for these children to have given up on their respective instruments. Market research revealed the 3 most prominent reasons why:


1. Not having enough time to practice

2. Finding practining too challenging

3. Not noticing any improvement from the time invested. 

Lack of time

clockAsset 1.png

    Finding it too difficult

too difficultAsset 1.png

Lack of sense of improvement


The Solution

We believed that we could prevent the problem and make learning more fun by providing personalised feedback. To allow for this invaluable feedback to be given to the user, we decided to create instrument attachments. These attachments would follow 3-phase approach.

Collect - By providing attachments unique to each instrument, we are able to accurately collect music data.

Analyse - The analysis will provide the basis for tailored feedback entailing areas for improvement as well as tutorials.

Feedback - From the collected data we can undertake a detailed play analysis specific to the score you are playing.

collect analyse improve.png
collect analyse improve.png
collect analyse improve.png

The Coda Drum Master 

The flagship product was the Coda Drum Master. A drum stick attachment designed to be lightweight to avoid affecting the centre of mass of the drum sticks as much as possible. The attachment uses the principles of impact analysis in order to gather data on how the drummer plays. The data gathered is analysed and feedback is provided to the user through the coda app. 

coda drum master.JPG

Final Product 

This purpose of this project was to develop a viable enterprise, and see if there was enough interest within the chosen area to deliver a physical product to the market. The project culminated in the launch of a website. Check out the final version by clicking on the button below. 

coda website.JPG
coda website3.JPG
coda website2.JPG
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