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Recovering Dexterity 

How easy is it to make a cup of tea, if you can't feel ?


Recovering the feel of touch involves very complex and expensive technology and is usually only available at a research level for amputees. However, with the constantly growing elderly population - recovering dexterity is gonna be a problem of the future. But what could potential solutions be? 


as many people suffer from neuropathy as amputations



of people over the age of 55 suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

of the British population is over 55; by 2050 37% will be. 


How do you feel, when you've lost the feel of touch? 


Through extensive research we realised the type of complications that comes with loss of dexterity as well as the size of those complications. Our ideation phase was focused on identifying key complications as well as how we could go about solving them. If you've lost one of your senses - can you then learn how to make up for that sense through one of the five others?  


ideation recovering dexterity.JPG

Proposed solution: Sensory Mapping

There is loads of complicated technology out there - but it is not readily available for the people who need it the most.


Through our design we want to find a way to remap lost tactile senses such as pain, proprioception and pressure to the available senses. 


Sensory system.png
vibrotactile feedback 1.png
vibrotactile feedback 2.JPG
Visual Mapping.png
visual mapping 1.JPG
3D Audio.png
3D audio pic.JPG

Tactile Mapping
Mapping pressure using vibro-tactile feedback


Visual Mapping
Mapping position & orientation using  AR models and visual cues

Auditory Mapping
Mapping using 3D audio to give alerts relating to hazards. 

We are planning on sensing input data by using embedded bio-powered sensors. This will allow us to collect data regarding the person's interaction with the environment. 

Despite the method being invasive, we predict it would be preferred by the user due to its convenience and hygiene. 

Difficulty grasping the concept? 


Let's explain it in terms of tea. 


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