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How do you make packaging sustainable?


Throughout this project sustainability was in focus when trying to redesign everyday packaging into a greener alternative. I chose one of the really big sinners - toothpaste. 

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product teardown_transparent backgorund.

Toothpaste tubes are composed of several layers of material – being very difficult to separate. 

Toothpaste leftover contaminates the materials and hinders recycling.


A lot of energy is consumed during the manufacturing of the tubes. 

Unnecessary amounts of packaging are being used to facilitate transport and manufacturing.

Design Process 

To make the execution as realistic as possible the design process was undertaken using brand-inspired innovation. 

  1. Understand
    Company research as well as user research was undertaken. How could Colgate create a new product with improved user value? 


  2. Focus
    Comparing product opportunities from user criteria and from the brand criteria. 


  3. Design
    Solutions were proposed based on the focus domains determined in the product specification. Inspired by already existing types of packaging. 

  4. Implement
    The detailing of the solution was done through several iterations of rapid prototyping, user feedback, material experience as well as design and ergonomics considerations. 

Brand inspired innovation.jpg


The final proposal as an alternative to original toothpaste packaging is Colgate Pearls. A new sustainable and environmentally aware product. Colgate Pearls is a packaging solution consisting of a dispenser and individual toothpaste droplets. The refillable and recyclable container guarantees no toothpaste waste, and the existing tubes currently ending up in landfill will no longer be a threat to the environment.


Colgate Pearls is a fun, hygienic and sustainable way of brushing your teeth without compromising on quality.


Role & Skills

This project was a solo-project. I learned how to go from idea to developing a product with a clear narrative and a fully functional prototype.


User Centered Design 

Sustainable Design 




System Design 

toothpaste tube drawing.png


This project was selected for an innovation DESIRE Award by people from industry. The project received funding from Climate-KIC, and was part of WeInnovate at Imperial College London. User research, iterations and the more technical details about the project have not  been disclosed. Feel free to contact me for further details. 

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